The Owner’s Story: An Unexpected Opportunity that the Trapp’s Made Thrive

photo of owner's Dawn and Ed Trapp

Dawn and Ed Trapp have been active members of the Williams community for more than two decades. Their first introduction to the area was through Civitan Foundation’s Camp Civitan, a nonprofit camp dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. After serving as a business owner for two-decades in the travel and tourism industry, Dawn became the CEO of Phoenix-based Civitan Foundation in 2001. Since then, the Trapp’s have spent weekends and majority of each summer in Williams’ pine country for camp, where they have both fallen in love with the history, weather and people.

In 2010, a property that they had driven by what seemed to be 1,000 times on their way to camp was suddenly on the market. “We had always admired the cabins and playfully dreamed of the possibilities,” said Dawn. “Without a second thought or detailed plan we put in an offer and were suddenly the owners of five acres, a nearly condemned 1920’s home, and six little cabins.”

It took more than three years for the Trapp’s to renovate, restore, redesign, and uniquely decorate the bed and breakfast before it could be opened to guests coming to experience Williams. They successfully turned their vision into reality through years of hard work, planning and dedication to their passion project. “Most of all, we had the support of our friends and neighbors, which really made it happen,” said Dawn. “Ed and his friend Bill built the common area pavilion in 31 days – that was two hardcore marines on a mission.”

Each room is thoughtfully decorated and charmingly embellished with the rich history and narration of Williams, the old West and days gone by. “Each weekend, I traveled Route 66 scouting for the perfect pieces for each room,” said Dawn. “Sometimes one little piece would be the catalyst for the room’s entire theme. Have travelled for years, Ed and I knew what we liked and made sure to have perks that we ourselves would love in each cabin.”

Ed operates a CPA and tax practice in Phoenix and Williams, so the Trapp’s continue to work in the Valley and travel to Williams regularly. To help keep their dream going, they hired inn keepers who are equally passionate about Williams – Emily and Matthieu. Their love for hospitality, enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences, and ability in the kitchen will surely welcome anyone who visits Trapper’s Rendezvous. “We invite everyone to our little western oasis,” said Dawn. Dust off your boots and pack your hat. It’s time to kick up your heels, enjoy the fresh mountain air and embrace a simpler way of life – you’ve found your home away from home.”

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