Rest Your Head Under Historic Roofs

exterior photo of trappers

Before our cabins became known in Williams as Trappers Rendezvous, they lived a wild life off Highway 89 near Flagstaff where they were called the ‘Old West Boardwalk Shops of Big Tree Boom Town.’

Most small western towns in Arizona began as boom camps, usually for silver, gold or copper mining. Fur trapping, logging, ranching and the also railroad planted seeds for camps that would grow into prosperous cities. Big Tree Boom Town went bust trying to grow as resources were exhausted, while nearby Flagstaff and Williams thrived.

The cabins sat dormant for years before they were moved to five acres in Williams off Airport Road, with the hopes of recreating similar boardwalk shops. That vision never came to fruition. In 2010, Dawn and Ed Trapp called on their friends and family to begin establishing the foundation for a dream that they always had – owning a southwestern bed and breakfast that would put the cabins to incredible use.

It took more than three years to renovate, restore, redesign and decorate the cabins before the Trapp’s could share their passion project with guests. As they built their dream, they kept guest needs in mind and continue to find unique and memorable ways to provide vacations that are both relaxing and adventurous.

The Trapp’s look forward to hosting you at Trapper’s Rendezvous.

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