Inn Keepers Traveled the World Before Finding Trapper’s Rendezvous in Williams, Ariz.

cabin inn keepers Emily and Matthieu

Emily and Matthieu, inn keepers at Trapper’s Rendezvous, grew up worlds apart from each other and from Williams, Ariz. Emily grew up in Spokane, Wash., and Matthieu hails from a small town near Rennes in Brittany, France.

In 2013, Emily decided to fulfill her dream of travelling by embarking on a working holiday to New Zealand. At the same time, Matthieu had a trip to Australia planned, but at the very last moment decided to spend his time in New Zealand instead. This twist of fate led Emily and Matthieu to cross paths while both working in a hostel in Omaru, New Zealand.

They parted ways, but kept in touch and remained travel companions, visiting southeast Asia together in 2014. When they realized that they’d rather not travel with anyone else, they decided to get married in 2015. Together, they worked at a resort in Australia for a year and traveled around the country before returning to the United States to continue their lives together.

Since 2016, the pair has traveled the US and worked in hospitality establishments around the country including in California, Maine, Minnesota and Utah. Their most recent stop has been at Trapper’s Rendezvous in Williams!

“Trapper’s is such a unique and cool establishment,” said Emily. “We love that the rooms used to be old mining cabins and the décor has this rustic, southwestern charm. We feel very fortunate to be running this property and to be able to host some great guests.”

Emily and Matthieu work hard to keep the cabins in tip-top shape for guests, and to whip up delightful breakfasts each morning. If you enjoy your morning meal in the main house, at your request the pair will tell you about their favorite Williams activities. They look forward to meeting you!

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